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Power Hockey Development Inc.

The Hockey Training Company

Tip of the Month

Choosing the Right Stick

One of the most important pieces of equipment is a player's stick, so making the right choose is very important, because as we all know sticks don't come cheap anymore.

Wood, aluminum or one piece? What to buy and which one is the best? Choosing a stick depends on the age and strength of a player. One piece and aluminum sticks use flex created by the player to propel the puck at a very high speed, therefore if your son or daughter is not able to flex these sticks choose wood.

I believe that children under the age of eight should use wood sticks, from nine to thirteen aluminum is the right choose because you can use the same stick during the growth stages by adding plugs and fianlly from thirteen to eighteen the choice could be a one piece because the player is strong enough to use the stick the way it was meant to be used.

Some quick tips to remember. Always cut the stick to the bottom of your child's chin with skates on and just under the nose without skates. Tap the stick heal to toe. Use black tape on the blade (to hide the puck) and white tape on the nob. To protect the tape on the blade use candle wax, it keeps the snow off and the tap on.